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We are experienced business professionals that understand the challenges of growing a business. We provide cash flow solutions and working capital through Accounts Receivable Factoring, Purchase Order Financing, Business Loans, Equipment Finance and Consumer Financing.
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American Capital Services’ Invoice Factoring helps businesses turn their accounts receivable into cash. Invoice Factoring is not a cash loan but a program where invoices are purchased by American Capital Services invoice factoring division. The sale of your accounts receivable provides your company with immediate cash and avoids bank loans, diluting your equity or incurring additional debt. Utilizing the American Capital Services invoice factoring program allows your cash to continue turning and eliminates the negative effect of the 30-120 day terms that negatively impact your company’s cash flow. Invoice factoring is not an indication of a business in distress. Invoice Factoring is smart cash management process utilizing existing assets and eliminating the need to incur debt.

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