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About ACS

Our Mission
American Capital Services (ACS) mission is to provide sound business products, creative business solutions and excellent customer service in today's changing business environment, that meet and exceed your company's expectations and helps your company grow.

Grow Your Business Now Through Our Products
ACS offers Accounts Receivable Factoring, Merchant Cash Advance and Business Loan products.  We have a financing solution that will energize, maintain and grow your business. 

Banks Look Backward, ACS Looks Forward
Banks look at past performance to determine if they will loan your business money. ACS looks forward to see what your business can do with additional working capital!

Convenient and Straightforward Process
ACS offers a wide-range of business products that will help meet your business needs. Call us at 866-450-8015 or fill out a quick application by clicking here.  After you fill out and return our application, one of our associates will work with you to select the right financial product that meets your company's needs. We will then make a written offer and if it meets your approval, we can provide the capital you need in a few business days.

About Us
American Capital Services (ACS) headquarters is in Findlay, Ohio. ACS provides capital for growing businesses in today's competitive environment.  Our team draws from a wealth of business experience in finance, lending and business operations to provide you viable business solutions in a timely manner that meet and exceed your business's needs.  We are committed to listening and working with you to provide solutions that help meet and exceed your business needs.


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American Capital Services

"I moved my cash flow up 90 days, paid off debt and took on more customers.  The customer service was great.  ACS answered all my questions.  I am now building the factoring fees into my bids."

Environmental Business Owner

"I built my fortune 500 company using invoice factoring.  We were growing too fast, and without the financial tool of factoring we would have failed from lack of cash flow.  I strongly recommend factoring as a tool for growth"

Mike M.
Owner, Secret Shopper Company

"I got tired of waiting 90 days for invoices.  I decided to focus my time on my business, and let ACS be my A/R department".

Owner, Mobile Lab Business

"We added a new division.  Instead of fronting the cash, or taking a bank loan, we decided to use factoring to grow sales.  ACS showed us how to expand our business without taking on debt with a line of credit from a bank."

Office Supply Sales
Why American Capital Services?
  • 1# In Customer Satisfaction

  • Ultimate Customer Support

  • 24/7 On-line Account Access

  • Very Low Rates

  • No Long-Term Contracts

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Recourse & Non-Recourse Factoring

  • Free Customer Credit Checks