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A Simple Factoring Example

You sell us an invoice.

We advance you a percentage of the invoice and hold the rest in reserve. Once the invoice is paid, we send you the reserve minus the fee. Simple!

$1,000        Your Invoice
$  800         Cash Advanced to You Now!*
$  200         Reserve Held by Us
$   -30         Our Fee (3% Discount)*
$  170        Paid to You (after invoice is paid)

$  970     Your Total Payout

*Example based on an average transaction.  Actual advance and discount rates will depend on your specific situation.

In the example above, assume you have factored the invoice of a customer who normally pays in 30 days.

The net result is you have traded $1,000 in 30 days for $800 today, plus another $170 in 30 days.

Despite the fact that your customer won't pay your invoice for 30 days (or perhaps longer), you have immediately recovered 80% of your working capital!

Factoring keeps your cash flowing....
So you can keep growing!

Below is the Invoice Factoring process:

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